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—— Vacation photographer in France

My name is Amber and I photograph the poetry of families attached to the beauty of their relationship. I integrate values of benevolence and equality in order to welcome everybody in front of my camera.
When you think about your photographs, you’re stressed. Will we have to pose? What will the kids do? And what about the rain?
But family pictures can be simple. Unposed sessions allow children to do whan they do best: being kids. You won’t have to pose, simply play with your kids and enjoye each other’s company.
For the rest, I am here, invisible, inspired by you and only you. Your family. Your bonds.
I believe in benevolence, breastfeeding, choice, adults/kids equality. I believe every life, no matter its size, deserve attention.
So if you’re looking for a vacation photographer in France and my images drawn you in, I invite you to let yourself travel within my website.

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What my
families said

Because the most important for me is what you have to say!

Happy families

I’m still having goosebumps. . You knew how to validate and guide me, even if I’m not the type of person to do that. You lighted me.
It’s complex to put words on the power of what you allowed me to live. Thank you, again and again.

Our photo sessions are pure bliss everytime: Amber is professionnal, nice, listens very well, patient, soft…she knows how to find the best location with the best light…always has amazing tips to get ready for the sessions.
And the result is amazing, always surpassing our expectations, we are flabbergasted every time!

A beautiful light, real moments captured, we live again and again these moments with our family! Thank you so much Amber, you’re a magician!

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I can tell you your kids won’t listen, and it’s NORMAL! Kids aren’t made to sit without a peep for an hour, this is why lifestyle sessions are perfect for families! For an hour, kids play, run, jump, hug and tickle…they are kids, and that’s what I capture! With a session with me, no contraints.

Definitely! Actually, we will move a lot and you won’t see the time fly (that’s what all the families I photographed so far have to say!) and I’ll let you know where to sit and how to put your arms. You won’t have to think about anything, apart from enjoying each other’s company, in a beautiful place!

We choose the place together and we go for a walk! The kids explore, run around, (re)discover nature, we chat, and when I see a place perfect for pictures, we stop and you get together to tickle, play hide and seek, share a snack, laugh, say funny stories…anything natural!

Of course! Don’t forget that being “non photogenic” only applies when we look at the camera. Which is perfect because I never ask you to look at me ans smile! I want you to know how beautiful you are when your kids tickles you. When you look at your significan other play hide and seek. When you admire your little baby. When you talk witth passion about how amazing your kids are.

That’s an excellent question, which I answer in details in the little guide I send every family wen they book! I talk about styles, colors, patterns and my go-to brands!

I only shoot around sunset hour. That means we start shooting around 4pm in the winter, and 9pm in the summer. If you need to go earlier (which is highly probable if you have small kids!) let me now and we’ll plan your session at the right period for you!

Since 2013, I have photographed hundreds of kids, and I know they can’t concentrate very long. This is why my sessions are between 30 and 60 minutes long, and I concentrate the maximum photos possible in the meast time possible!

Anywhere! Outside of course, and I know tons of beautiful places to optimize to the maximum the rendering of your pictures, but if you have a place you love, we can definitely go there! It’s best to choose a calm place (no park), natural and without any human elements.

If there is a heavy rainfall or a storm, we will reschedule the session to another date. In case of light rain or simple rain previsions, the session will take place, since cloudy light is magnificent!

If you little one doesn’t feel right, we can reschedule the session later, depending on our availabilities.

Yes, definitely!

Of course! Grandparents, uncles and aunts will be able to access the gallery, and even order prints directly online without having to chat with you!

Yes! Your furry friends are part of your family, so it’s normal to take them with you for your session!

There is no ideal age for babies, all periods are perfect! Whether they are newborns (0-1 month), they can lay on their bellies, they can sit or they can stand, anything will be done so your little baby will feel at ease!

It’s time to have beautiful memories of your vacations.