Photographe de familles en Dordogne

Who am I?

A mother, an adventurer, a lover...

…but above all, I paint the memories of connections, colors and lights in an authentic and timeless way.

Portrait Zephyr & Luna Kids
Dear (future) parents,

My name is Amber and I am a family photographer based in Dordogne.
I photograph families who want something different with someone different. I am also a mentor and organizer of workshops for photographers who want to take the next level.
I have a daughter named Rune who is mothered, carried and breastfed.
I love sunsets. I like to go far with my car and take pictures in the most lost places I find on my way. I love vinyls. I like to eat organic. I love vintage and rustic products. I like to walk in the forest to listen to the birds and the whisper of the wind in the needles of the fir trees. I like to discover new places by my home to take you there during our sessions. Nothing is more pleasant than a little sun through the trees and a nice view of the surroundings. I like days of fog, during which mountains and trees vanish in the clouds.
But what I love above all else is to capture love.


Amber, you capture more than just pictures. Thank you for these authentic and timeless memories of my family.


I am totally a fan of our photos, thank you with all our heart Amber!


Beautiful memories of this timeless moment with you at sunset. Thank you again for this wonderful time!


Wow this light !!! We do not expect it but by receiving our gallery, we were overwhelmed by the result! Thank you from the heart Amber!