Photographe de familles en Dordogne


Because your family's heritage is an integral part of its history, the photographs are there to leave a tangible trace of that part of your life. As a family photographer in Périgueux, Angoulême and Limoges, I offer an all inclusive service from first contact to the delivery of your images on high-end and durable media.

I believe in photo albums, frames on the walls, tangible images that will pass the test of time. I believe in images that are shared within a family, and that write, day after day, its history. I believe in memories that, in 10, 20 or 50 years, will always remain intact in memories and on paper.

That’s why all my collections include a photo album and fine art prints with a mat, both delivered in boxes to go through the years and stay as the first day. So that they can go from hand to hand without taking a single wrinkle. So that you can leave something behind you.

I always use the wild beauty of our landscapes to photograph your family, because for me, this place is also part of our history. It is he who shaped our desires, our journey, the place where we live. So being a photographer of families in Périgueux and in New Aquitaine in general, it is to have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of different places in order to offer you, each time, the one that best suits your desires. Light remains a determining factor in the rendering of your images, which is why I will always choose the time of shooting (late summer, around 16h in winter).

Then you who are looking for a family photographer in Périgueux, Angoulême or Limoges, I invite you to contact me to learn more about my services.