Zephyr and Luna Kids – family photographer in Dordogne

Stylized sessions guided at a minimum so that I can naturally photograph the very essence of your family, this is all my work as a vacation photographer. During these sessions, you stay yourself and never pose at all.

I love the golden lights of summer evenings, when the sun comes to play with the horizon and illuminates it in red and orange color. That’s when I’ll pick you up and get off the beaten track and take your pictures. A moment with the family. A moment of fullness, all together, to finally enjoy each other and your complicity.

When looking for a vacation photographer, you might worry about the environment. But with my extensive experience photographing families all over France since 2013, I know how and where to find all the best hidden gems – less than 15 minutes from the site of your vacation. Here, the goal is to stay yourself, that’s all! No poses, no forced smiles. Just pleasant family moments, a walk in the sunset, music, tickles, a touch of madness. Let the children discover the forest. Listen to the birdsong. Take in the view. And you’ll see that in the end, you’ll have images to cherish for a lifetime, and even more.

These images will be your legacy, what you will leave to your children. They will be the mirror of a life well lived, the memories you have built together. And in many years, when only they will remain, they will become the trace you have left in the heart of your family.

When looking for a vacation photographer, sometimes you can find a little more than you were looking for to begin with. We can find the opportunity to create memories that will bear witness to a precious moment spent with the family, simply to enjoy the beauty of nature.